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Help you build a strong bond with your partner so you can enjoy a happy and fulfilling marriage life.

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We provide you with spiritual comfort with professional knowledge and care, so that you can achieve deep spiritual healing.


- If you have obtained an ICBC file number, you can enjoy at least 12 free psychological counseling sessions

​-We welcome referrals from professionals such as registered occupational therapists

About Kelvin

Kelvin is currently a registered clinical counselor in British Columbia and a counseling psychologist (Hong Kong), specializing in marriage counseling.

Individual counselling (age 8 and above)
Couple/Marriage Counseling
20-minute free consultation
​Cantonese. Mandarin. English
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About Us

About Us

I help couples strengthen their connection through Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). This method can lead to closer relationships. Often, the couples' problems I deal with are like the story of the badger and the turtle. The badger likes adventure, while the turtle likes stability. They usually get along well. But when things get tough in life, their differences become apparent. The badger may feel lonely and angry, while the turtle may feel criticized and want to hide. These situations can cause them to grow further apart. Want to make positive changes? Make an appointment with me today to start this journey together.

Treatment Methods

Emotionally Focused Therapy

  • This is a professional counselling method that focuses on emotions, allowing the client to understand how negative cycles are generated and build a sense of security.

  • This treatment approach focuses on collaboration with the client and is experiential.

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  • Master of Psychology, Hong Kong Shue Yan University

  • Master of Counselling Psychology, Hong Kong Shue Yan University

  • HKPS Member Number: 20192844

  • BCACC Registration Number: 18928

Service Target

Contact Us

  • 20-minute free consultation

  • The content of the conversation is strictly confidential.

  • Reply within 24 hours




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5811 Cooney Road, South Tower, Suite 305, Richmond
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488 Furness St, New Westminster, BC

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