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Hi, I am Kelvin! I am a father of a newborn daughter. I am from Hong Kong and am now a permanent resident in Canada. As a new immigrant, I understand how difficult it is to master different languages and the struggle it is to leave our home countries to blend into a new culture.

I have experienced a lot of traumas in my past that held me back from living in the moment. Hence, I understand how helpless and vulnerable those who experienced trauma are. I used to get anxious and hypervigilant easily because I wanted to protect myself. I was also a person who tends to avoid conflicts which made me feel frustrated and disappointed. I am happy to share my journey with you because I am also a human being. What I experienced could happen to all of us. I feel grateful to have my own counsellor that facilitated me to see my strength inside. I believe that I can lead others to walk the road I have walked.

I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor (#18928) in BC. I have graduated with a Master of Social Science in Counselling Psychology from Hong Kong Shue Yan University. I have received additional training in Emotionally-focused Therapy from ICEEFT. My approach is collaborative, open-minded and person-centred. I have particular interests in working with trauma survivors, couples and new immigrants.

I speak Cantonese, Mandarin and English. From the perspective of EFT, I believe all the suffering comes from the emotional pain that trapped us in our lives. We have a surviving system that drives us to fight or flight but it also holds us back from connecting with our inner selves. Nevertheless, if we work together, we can support each other and be able to see what is happening inside, free from the constraints.

It would be a gift for me to work with you.

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