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What exactly is counselling?


Counselling is not for sick people, so that's why we don't call our clients as patients. Instead, counselling is for those who want to improve themselves, become more effective, or be happier. Prevention is better than cure. Everyone can avoid burnout by dealing with the situation early on, talking to a mental health counsellor about their thoughts and feelings, and discussing any blind spots they may have ignored.

Some clients who have never undergone counselling may be perplexed as to why they require outside assistance. They may get used to not relying on others due to the upbringings. Instead, they may think "I am a positive person, I can handle it by myself". Hence, they believe that they have to deal with these "little issues" on their own. They may not understand why they need to pay so much for just talking and they may want a fast answer to their difficulties. 

In fact, a mental health counsellor is a therapist with professional training. To assist clients in reducing emotional stress, we have acquired several psychological intervention strategies. We serve as a mirror for our clients to view what is going on in their lives. We will listen to clients' questions with a neutral and accepting attitude, strive to open their hearts and point out clients' blind spots so that they can make more informed choices or decisions.

We are like a diving instructor, to accompany our clients to explore the underwater world. We can assist clients in recognizing that their apparent anger, discomfort, anxiety, or grief may be masking unresolved concerns in other areas that they are completely unaware of.

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